Step Into My Bedroom

In grade school, I was completely Prince-obsessed, and my mother – no joke – made up my room to look like Prince’s sex lair! We’re talking pink silk headboards, grey and purple velvet…the whole deal.

Now? I have white linen. Boring, right? But ya know what? I love white linen! Any shade of white, cream or nude is super fine with me. I grew up with so much color and wallpaper around me that I always dreamed of having a black and white house. Of course I’ve ventured out to include blush and other pale colors, but give me a good white linen chair and I’m happy. Just add pillows and blankets for texture and personality, and you’re done!

I found those Paul Frankl Pretzel rattan chairs on eBay and had them slipcovered in white linen.

My sheets and linens are so important to me. It’s hard to find beautiful soft colors in organic fabrics but I think
I’ve succeeded after many long Internet hunts. Matteo Home makes my favorites, and for a less expensive but super soft alternative, I love Bamboo from Bed Bath & Beyond.

For my lights, I wanted something organic that looked hand-made…but my favorites were $1000 each. So instead I went for these similar lights from Pottery Barn.

What I love about placing blankets at the bottom of the bed is that you can keep a few different ones on hand to completely change up the space. Etsy has beautiful Cactus Silk throws, and I also love the Amorie throw from McGee Home.

I found my rug on Etsy, but absolutely adore the idea of layering tons of these throughout your space.

Altogether, I wanted to create a relaxed, cozy vibe that wasn’t too feminine, yet had soft colors throughout and was all about texture. No more velvet for me!