My Mama Uniform

Having grown up in the fashion industry, with what feels like the entire world screaming What I should wear?!, I found it tough to figure out how to separate what I like from what I imagine other people think I should like. When it comes to getting dressed, I can finally say I’ve found my happy place: A place where I feel, very simply, like me.

I call it my “uniform” – and I’m sure every mom has one, right? All it takes is my favorite pair of jeans (at this particular moment), a slip top, and flats. Moving to Malibu had a great deal to do with my go-to look – in fact, I distinctly remember calling my mom and telling her that I’d just left the house with my shoes in my hands and pajamas on…and it was OK! I could never do that in New York City, where every drop-off and pick-up was a fashion show. Women stepped out of their chauffeured SUVs wearing stilettos at 8AM, and it all got to be a bit much. For me, in any case. I just found it so liberating to dress for no one save myself.

Don’t get me wrong: I love some fashion, but nowadays that fashion has to work for my low-key lifestyle.

Some of you may be surprised to know that my mom always told me that the most important thing was to have good hair and makeup. ”As long as you have a red lip on, you’re good.” I never did get into red lipstick…so I guess I’m doomed, haha. Still, I always veered away from anything too puffy, too girly, or too floral – and when I think back to how I used to dress in 3rd grade, I realize that really, very little has changed.

Slip tops and Camisoles

I’ve been wearing slip dresses since the 90’s – it was always my go-to style, and still is. A camisole is just sexier and less sporty than a tank top. I have a few favorites that I wear practically every day, and I’m not ashamed!


Yes, I swore I would never wear high-waisted jeans again after high school…but now I love them (especially these)! They show off my waist, and I try to skew the vibe more 70’s than 80’s.


Nude Shoes

I have an obsession with nude shoes. They go with everything, and make your legs look longer because they don’t cut you off visually. Desmos makes an amazing pair of slides, which is perfect for me because any pair I own has to be easy to get on and off. This isn’t just for the sake of convenience – I came out of the womb wearing stilettos, and had to have foot surgery as a result, so my foot doesn’t fit anything too pointy or too narrow. I even hate tying laces! That’s why I love Golden Goose, leather slides from brands like Gucci and Madewell, and Haviana flip-flops (in rose gold!).


I was never a big sunglasses girl back in NYC, but now I get why Californians have massive collections. I still don’t own a ton of different pairs, though – I found the most amazing pair for $14.99 on that are exactly like a pair of Chanels I owned (and then lost). I keep a few pairs of the Nordstrom sunglasses scattered throughout my house and car so that when I lose a pair (which I will), I a) won’t have a heart attack, and b) will always have another handy.

Seamless Bras

The single most important item on this list: my seamless bras. Ever since my double mastectomy, I can’t stand the feeling of anything touching my scars – and because I have implants, I don’t want them pushed up to my chin. But it’s really hard for me to find bras that just let the girls be themselves, and I’m always looking for the perfect “not wearing anything” bra. I definitely keep Nippies in stock at all times, too – much to my kids’ chagrin (“Moooom! You’re NOT WEARING A BRA.”).