Interior Design

Interior Design

Lulu’s history in the Fashion Industry allowed her to easily transition into the world of interiors.

After a lifetime spent in the company of creative forces in design, photography, art and all things style, Lulu brings an extensive body of knowledge and a sharp eye for detail to her interior projects.

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Lulu was born and raised in Manhattan, New York by her mother, iconic fashion designer Betsey Johnson. Says Lulu: “Never did I think that all those hours spent watching my Mom peruse antique shops would come in so handy. I owe everything I know about furniture, art and color to my mother.”

For the past four years Lulu has been lucky enough to call Malibu her home, and credits her move with bringing a more laid-back, cozy vibe to her glamorous East Coast aesthetic. “Ever since I moved here,” says Lulu, “I’ve craved everything organic and earthy – nothing too shiny or glam for me!” Her homes speak to a grounded, warm, and clean – yet eclectic – look, one she hopes she can bring to friends and clients in all stages of their life.

“The recent fires in Malibu affected so many of my closest friends, and they express difficulty creating their ‘new’ life while still preserving elements of their former residence. I understand how important it is to feel like your home is a part of you – it’s where you should feel safe, and at peace. Once you step through your front door, what you see and feel is most important.”

The commonalities between fashion and interiors made the transition to interior design an easy one for Lulu. “Styling a home or a simple wall of bookshelves is very much like styling a human being. Just like a stylist, I want to get to know you and listen to who you are as person so I can go out there and hunt for pieces that could’ve been chosen by you if you had the time.”

For her aesthetic, Lulu leans towards calming, natural tones, and prioritizes an individualized, eclectic approach. “Resourcing items that not everyone else has is such a high for me. It’s not about walking into the most expensive store and buying the lot  – what I love most about my work is that I’ve found things from all over the world at all different price points.” She also emphasizes the interaction between designer and client. “Balance, texture, heights and dimension…it’s all very personal.” Whether your goal is a total revamp or a light styling, Lulu will bring her one-of-a-kind touch to your home and transform it into a space that’s uniquely you.